Touch-screen interface for CES 2020

I supported the Amazon Alexa events team in creating a touch-screen interface for CES 2020 event. The interface replicated 4 vignettes created as set pieces for the event, on a large touch-screen monitor, where participants could interact and learn more about Alexa and Alexa enabled devices. The ask was a) to create an interactive user experience on a touchscreen, where the 4 physical vignettes are replicated as a virtual tour, b) a quiz interface where participants can play a short quiz, and c) a survey section to solicit feedback for the exhibit. I designed and developed the interface (with internal tech support) in 4 weeks, with end-to-end support for creation of the interface which included, wire-framing, designing, developing, installation of the program and onsite technical support. The Amazon exhibit saw 35K participants across the 4 days.